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I promise to be your co-dreamer. Together we can craft an atmosphere for each moment to flow organically, allowing you to be present and the images to be honest. I work with a select number of couples each year in order to be as intentional as possible allowing plenty of room to share the fullness of my heart.  From the moment you reach out to me, I want to learn who you are--from what makes you cry with joy to what pushes you to better the world around you. When the day finally comes, I'll know your heartbeat and will bask with you in the reality of those  visions we've cast just months before.

 I promise to be your reassurance. Forget trying to please everyone and their mother. There aren't many days where you get to pull the "my day, my way" card, so take full advantage of that. I'm gonna be right next to you, cheering you on, squealing over how lovely you are, and never dropping my role of being your constant sense of calm. Honey, I've got you! Together we're gonna stay on focus. 

I promise to remind you of joy.  We'll find it in the biggest of moments to the smallest, most quiet ones. You better believe that you'll even forget I'm there with you and your love because you're mind is still just beginning to comprehend that all this is happening,  like, really and truly happening. And when you finally get those heart warming, feeling filled, soul capturing images back, you'll instantly be flooded with the nostalgia of that one day when you said yes to forever.


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