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The whole gang

What if taking pictures of the whole gang was a no pressure, low maintenance ordeal?

What if you didn't have to worry about all the kiddos perfectly matching or even being on their best behavior?

What if you had images that fill albums and become long-lasting heirlooms through generations? 

Being the oldest of basically a trillion children, I know the importance of documenting those dear fleeting moments. Because of this I've come up with an experience that will let you breathe a little easier.

If you’re wanting an experience that will leave you with images that fill you straight to the brim with heartwarming nostalgia, I’m your girl. I spend the day with you and your tribe,  documenting you in a way that echoes your heartbeat, whether that’s reading and learning together, exploring and getting muddy together, dancing and singing together—whatever it may be, I want to create images that you’ll look at and say “YES, that is absolutely us.”

I want you to ask me back with new seasons, highlighting both the changes and the rhythms.

I hope that what we create together will be authentically you and that over time it will like we’ve been dear friends for years and years. 



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