There are very few things that inspire me more than people's stories. Because of this, portrait sessions are always some of my favorite work and I always walk away from them believing in the goodness of humanity.  It takes a lot to let your guard down and be documented for who you truly are. These sessions require a sense of vulnerability and courage, but you are sure to end the time empowered. 

Of course, we want the images to feel organic, to flow naturally. In order to cultivate that safe space, we start by shooting in a place you may work, rest or play. We'll talk about what drives you, what fills your heart full of life and from there, the magic unfolds. 

I want you to look back at these portraits and be able to recognize the unique beauty of your being. 

This will be a collaboration. You are worthy of celebration and what you bring to the table will turn the images from good to great. Don't leave your heart in the shadows or your ideas at the door. 

This will remind you to breathe. Sure, we will dream together. But my goal is to bring you back to the present, to cherish the here and now, to forget about the stresses of the everyday and walk together in gratitude. 

This will create heirlooms. These images will be far from run of the mill. They will be the ones you share through generations, that will fill hearts with nostalgia and showcase how timelessly cool you truly are. 

Are you ready for the magic?