"Pronounced like "Christine" but spelled with an "X"".

We're just a lil bit bougie around here, but, like, the laid back kind who are just tryna live their best life. 


Xine Benz

I'll share more about me in due time, but here's a lil bit for now. 

I've been photographing beautiful, real life people since I was the wee age of 17 years. 

I'm the type of person who has ten different career dreams, twenty different project ideas, forty different places that I want to explore, and  limitless people that I want to know and love. What can I say--I'm a type 7 to my core!!

I never actually finished college, because mental health is more important to me than a piece of paper. I knew that I would find so much life back in my hometown,  watching my baby brother grow up and eating my mama's meals at least once a week. 

Speaking of my mama, from time to time she'll tell me of the days where baby Xine called parties "decorations" and looked for any excuse to have them. To this day, I find every possible reason to celebrate.

I believe that it is woven into my heart to notice beauty, and even more so, the Truth it holds.